Journal Request

Anyone who want to request journals/ scientific publications, you can just send it to Jurnalpedia. Check this out!

1. The requested journals must be from this following link:


2. Requests sent by email to . Follow this form:

Enhancement of allergic inflammation by the interaction between diesel exhaust particles and the immune system;
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology;
Andre E. Nel, David Diaz-Sanchez, David Ng, Timothy Hiura, Andrew Saxon;
Volume 102, Issue 4, October 1998, Pages 539-554;…91674998702696.

3. You can just send 3 journals request per day.

4. Use the fournals wisely, don’t commercialize them!

5. Be patient for waiting. The completion will take 1 day. If not, they must be can’t reach it. So, go look for other journals!

6. One can only has one account.

That’s all. Knowledge in your hand!



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